Mechelonic® Projection Welders give class A, consistent welds in a high-speed production cycle. We give optimized solutions for the best return on investment. Our machines are built to last several years.


  • Single phase AC/ Three phase MFAC/MFDC (1000 HZ)
  • Standard and Custom Built machines
  • Extra smooth quick follow-up ram
  • Precision pneumatics for weld quality.
  • Closed loop water cooling system.
  • Water cooled Transformers
  • 5-600 KVA capacity
  • Customized tooling
  • Constant Current Weld Controllers
  • IP 54 weld control cabinet with MCCB.
  • Force and Displacement sensing
  • Data logging
  • Industry 4.0 complaint.
  • PLC & HMI Integration.
  • Water chiller
  • 12 Month Warranty
  • Designed and developed in India.
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Common Applications

Wire condensers
Metal grating
Rebar rods
Nut, Stud, Bolt welding of different sizes
Shock absorbers
brake shoes
Fuel tank brackets
Stabilizer links
Refrigeration Compressor parts
Can Handles

Materials we can weld

Aluminum Alloys
Titanium Alloys
Low Carbon Steel
High Carbon Steel
High Strength Steel
Nickel Alloy
High-Temp Alloy
Mild steel to copper
Stainless Steels

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