We specialize in Engineering & Design Consultancy, Turnkey Project management, Equipment sizing and validation, Job shop services, Weld Integrity and Ergonomics, & Weld Process Optimization.

Repair & Refurbish

We will provide breakdown service /repair for the resistance welding machine. This program is onsite/in-house activity for machines as a whole or any sub-assys/units with upto 12 months of warranty .

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As part of the offer as upgradation program for any make resistance welding machine which is in presentable condition with up to 12 months warranty. In-house upgradation program we inspect and service all the sub-assys for their functionalities and re-condition using selective usable old sub-assy. Re-tooling and new features/specifications as per customer requirements including testing, trials, and prove-out.

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We provide an annual maintenance contract in which the scope of our activities depends on your needs and can range from small service calls, through supervision (monitoring and technical direction) to complete in-plant service. Our experts shall always assume full responsibility for the machine and shall always be at your side when needed. Our staff then checks the installed machine for compliance with requirements. In mutually performed trials we then determine how well the projected capacity can actually be fulfilled. Our highly qualified technician carries out the mechanical and electrical fine-tuning necessary for commissioning the machine. AMC shall be taken for all MWPL machines immediately after the warranty period. During AMC we will offer quarterly preventive maintenance visits at the site and urge customers to follow the maintenance schedules strictly with target uptime >95%.

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Weld Study

We provide optimization of the welding process parameters depending upon the ability to measure and control the process variables involved in the welding process.

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Job Work

We offer a complete range of Resistance welding machines for short-hire as well as long-term contracts. Our trained staff adopts a consulting-based approach to help you choose the best equipment for your needs and run operations seamlessly and profitably. This ensures minimum downtime of business and helps us take service and reliability to a new level.

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PLC Programming & Automation

Mechelonic® provides efficient service for all its products for up to 15 years after manufacturing.

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